The Marimba Ensemble has been a sign of neighborhood hope for over 19 years. It was founded by Fr. Bruce Wellems  and led by a team of youth and young adult players. The Marimba Ensemble, accompanied by the Children’s Choir, plays every Sunday at the 10:30 am mass at Holy Cross Church, 46th and Hermitage. The Ensemble has grown through the years with 6 different generations of marimba groups each filled with dedicated members that performed leadership tasks and taught the next generation how to handle such tasks.


The Ensemble’s repertoire includes a wide variety of Mexican, Caribbean, popular, and intricate classical pieces.   Weekly lessons are offered by college leaders and up and coming leaders in High School. The ensemble has a rotation of teachers where future leaders are given an opportunity to teach to practice early steps of becoming a leader. The Ensemble also has bass guitar players and have separate lessons for members interested in bass guitar.   The marimba itself is a keyboard percussion instrument, similar to a xylophone, originating in southern Mexico and Central America. The large size (some over four octaves) allows up to four “marimbistas” to play together on one instrument. For youth, this is a wonderful experience of learning to work together. The music is augmented by bass guitar and other percussion instruments.     For more information, including how to purchase CD’s or book a performance, please see the Marimba drop down menu on the website’s main page.