Dear friends,

The star guided the Maji to the Nativity scene – it was a guiding star, which provided a light which would guide the wise kings through the darkness. The light did not need to be a strong, overwhelming light, but just enough to guide them. You are like that star, guiding others – and you are not alone. There are many stars which each have their place in heaven. Like the stars on the veil of Our Lady of Guadalupe, each star has its place.

The gospel reflection given my Marco Lopez and Mayra Lopez at the Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe touched on the symbols of stars. As Marco commented on the symbol of the star, he spoke about the leadership needed in our community. Like the star guides others, so must our leadership shine as a guiding light to our families and youth. Leadership must be creative, however, and imagine how we might live in peace, and how we might recognize the rights of others.