Parish Pastoral Council



The Parish Council AGENDA


The PURPOSE OF THE COUNCIL is to promote collegiality among the Pastor and other pastoral leaders in defining the parish’s mission and in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs, services, and activities that stem from that mission.


Specifically, the parish relies on the council to:


Be aware of the needs, desires, and hopes of this faith community.

Encourage and support new and existing ministries.

Evaluate the quality of life of this faith community.

Secure the future of the parish and its mission in the neighborhood and beyond.




Periodically review and evaluate the parish mission statement.

Identify the needs and resources of the parish.

Recommend goals in response to priorities set forth by the

Pastoral Assembly.

Evaluate the success level of the parish in implementing its’ mission.

The business of the council will include items which:


1. Influence or affect the mission of the parish.


2. Affect the direction of parish programs.


3. Affect those services linked with the mission of the parish.


4. Setting goals that respond pastoral priorities.


5. Require a wide consultation.


The council will NOT be involved in the day to day operations of the parish’s programming.




Individuals who represent the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of the members, groups, and activities of our community.


Individuals who have participated in the Parish Leadership Formation Process.


The Pastor and the members of the Parish Pastoral Board shall be members of the council provided they’ve participated in the previously mentioned leadership process or are committed to participating in the first available sessions after joining the Pastoral Board.

Every member will be asked for a two year commitment during which their work on the council will receive a high priority from among their other activities.




Prayer, study, dialogue, and discernment all set the tone for discussing agenda items and all business taken up by the council. Of these, the most important is prayer for it is through prayer that we are able to reflect the presence of the Spirit in the community of faith. The council places a high value on reaching decisions by consensus rather than by a majority vote.


The Parish Council meets once a month and is guided by a steering committee made up of the pastor, and three members of the council.