Here are the questions I have so far: 1. What faith are you? Roman Catholic

2. What funeral services does your parish offer? We are available to attend the Wake, Funeral Mass and Burial Services.  We work with the funeral director and family to serve them in their needs. Sometimes, a family asks for a memorial mass 9 or 40 days later! 3. On average how many funerals do you work with per month? 3 a month 4. How involved are you in the funeral process? Our staff works directly with the family and funeral director to provide whatever services are needed, and we help plan the mass or prayer to provide the best support for the family. 5. What is the most frequently asked questions about funeral by you parishioners?

There are never many questions from the family other than making arrangements. Sometimes friends want to make sure the family is served and they ask questions about the mass. Parish members are where the wake will be held, and what time is the funeral mass.

How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral homes generally charge around $6,000.  A parish asks for a mass stipend of $250, but often enough in our neighborhood we do the funeral for no cost because of the poverty.

6. What can we do to help you educate your parishioners? We periodically offer bulletin reflections about funerals. I will attach those so you can see how we respond to situations that can be difficult. We offer calendars or provide announcements in our bulletins the funeral homes we work directly with. We trust how they will work with our parishioners. 7. Is pricing an issue among family members? The issue of the cost is a problem for our families. We work with Catholic Charities in those situations for families who cannot afford funerals. Those who want to send the body to Mexico are more difficult because Catholic Charities cannot help those families very much. Our funeral directors will provide a funeral for as low as $2,000 or even $750 depending on what the family wants (viewing, procession, wake, funeral mass, burial at graveside, etc.) However, there are a lot of ways to minimize cost.   8. What is your relationships with funeral directors? How can make easier?  We work with a couple of funeral directors closely: Marin and Wolniak. They respect the “Catholicity” of our people, they help in every way they can, are positive and encouraging in how we might approach funerals. 9.  How would you rank the funeral directors services you work with to date? What is your scale? The two I mentioned are excellent! Those owned by S.C.I. out of Texas vary in their services. They change managers and as you know, managers who change do not always care about a relationship with other parishes. Some are not even aware of funeral rites or our culture! 10.  Do you think funeral homes offer the specific rituals of your faith? The two I mentioned are very well informed. They know how to accompany our people in prayer and in their need.