Dear friends,

We say it every Sunday, “The peace of the Lord be with you.” In this exchange we remind ourselves that we not only are given a blessing of peace, but we are also peace givers, or peace makers. Every day we are challenged to be kind, to be patient and understanding – to persevere in our responsibilities, and to never stop trying to be the peace we profess.

Fr. Dave Kelly, CppS, works in our neighborhood gathering people in what he describes as “Peace Circles.” He brings victims of violence, and victimizers, together to experience peace. Like a family meeting together in a home, he works to raise an awareness that we are responsible for the peace we so desire.

Recently, Fr. Kelly asked the neighborhood to be part of a 100 novena which will run all the way to Christmas day. He is asking we pray for peace, and participate in every effort to bring peace to our neighborhood, and to our world. Our parish, together with Fr. Kelly and his staff, will create and accompany those opportunities for peace making. There are several in the near future.

During the week we celebrate Day of the Dead, we will hold a special prayer service on Friday, November 4th, 7 PM in Holy Cross Church. The service is one of five services being held across the City praying for peace. Several choirs, including our Children’s Choir, will be singing. Fr. Kelly will help us to remember all those who are victims of violence, and ask us to accompany our broken parents and children who have suffered the tragedy of violence. After the service we will walk in our neighborhood with candles to make our neighbors aware that we are a community committed to becoming peace makers.

On Friday, November 18th, our College students will lead an effort to “drum” for peace – guided by a Native American concept that if 100 drums sound at the same time our earth will reorient itself to peace. In collaboration with students engaged in a peace movement in Los Angeles, our youth will drum for peace and say the blessing prayer at the same time the youth drum in Los Angeles. The event begins at 5 PM.

The above mentioned efforts for peace will no doubt set a tone for the special times of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Posadas in December. I hope all of our families find consolation and live in the spirit of the peace of Christ… May the peace of the Lord be with you!

Fr. Bruce Wellems, CMF