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What steps does one have to take to prepare for a wedding?  

The Archdiocese of Chicago requires that couples getting married start their arrangements at the parish where at least one of them participates or is a member of that parish with a minimum of four months in advance. However it is recommended that these arrangements, starting with at least six months in advance. Couples wishing to begin this process must first come to the parish office.


The process requires that the couple verifies that neither one of them has been married by the church or has recently been married by the church laws from any previous marriage through annulment. To be considered free from any civil marriage it is required to submit the divorce decree. In the initial meeting with the priest or the other minister he will explain in more detail in this part of the process, and will answer any questions you may have in regards to the requirements of the process of preparation.


This process also requires a preparation given to the couples that include premarital sessions called Pre-Cana that are given as a group with other couples preparing as well. There is a second series of required sessions with a married, prepared couple with experience who accompanies them and helps them strengthen their relationship as a couple which we call FOCCUS sessions. The schedule and specific details of Pre-Cana and FOCCUS will also be provided to you in the first initial meeting. 


Weddings are celebrated in both parish churches every Saturday and if no other weddings are already scheduled couples have the option of following times:

Holy Cross Church

(46 & Hermitage)

1:30PM & 4:00PM

Immaculate Heart of Mary 

(45 & Ashland)

1:00PM & 3:00PM


Couple Accompaniment

The benefit of starting your preparations early enough is that an experienced, married couple from our parish is assigned to the bride and groom to accompany and guide them in their process. With them you will have an opportunity to review and ask them any questions you may have.

Administrative Fee  

Although the parish asks for a fee, it is not charging for the sacrament, this is requested to cover the costs for preparation materials, upkeep of the church buildings, cost of electricity and general support for the parish. The couple is responsible to pay and make arrangements for the music chosen from the options given and for the church decoration. Once the date and parish has been selected we ask the couple to give a $75.oo deposit (non-refundable) which is applied to the total fee.


We ask the for the cooperation of the couples and their families to comply with the requirements of the parish in regards to the use of rice, petals, and photographs/videos. These requirements will be explained and given to you in writing in the first interview. When you set up a date for the mass and give the deposit you are accepting to abide by these requirements and regulations.