Spred is a program of religious education specifically designed to meet the spiritual needs of persons with developmental abilities, whom we call Friends.


Spred invites and trains volunteers to prepare a special place where they can welcome individuals with developmental disabilities.


Through the experience of friendship in one-to-one relationships, our Friends with developmental disabilities discover a place where they belong and can enjoy meaningful relationships which can help them realize their own giftedness and dignity.


Through participation in a Spred community of faith, our Friends are better able to celebrate the sacraments and enter into the worshiping experiences of the whole Church.



Parish Spred Centers throughout the Archdioceses welcome people with developmental disabilities according to chronological age. Our parish Spred center offers this program to children ages 6-10.


The Spred Program at Holy Cross/IHM is seeking catechists. Spred provides training, observations, on-site resourcing and materials for catechesis and special liturgy.

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