Infant Baptisms


(Newborn children up to 5 year olds not yet in 1st grade)






For these children, baptisms are celebrated in our parish as follows:


English -1st Saturday of the month — 11am

Spanish – Every Saturday (except the 1st Saturday of the month)— 11am.


-1st Sunday of the month— 2:30pm.






These baptisms take place at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (45th & Ashland)





The parents and the godparents are required to attend a preparation session prior to the baptism. Parents who are not married by the church are required to attend and an additional meeting with one of the parish priests or lay ministers. (This also applies to a parent living with a partner who is committed to raising the child in the faith). Either or both of these meetings will be scheduled at the time of registration.

Godparents – The church requires that there be at least one adult (at least 16 years of age) selected as a godparent. If two individuals are selected they must be one male and one female. Note that there can be no more than two persons recorded as godparents in the certificate and in the parish register. Also, keep in mind that according to Church Law, if the Godparents share a bond as a couple it must be through a bond of a Church Marriage.








At least one of the parents needs to make the arrangements, which includes bringing the child’s birth certificate and providing addresses and phone numbers for the parents and godparents. This must be done at least 1 month in advance by visiting the parish office during our regular business hours.


For more information contact the parish office at (773) 376-3900




School Age Baptisms


(Children already in 1st grade but not yet in High School)






Baptism, Eucharist (First Communion) and Confirmation for school-age children not yet in High School are all celebrated in the spring depending on their age and years of preparation.






Those who desire any or all of these sacraments must be enrolled in the parish’s Religious Education program (CCD) before they can receive them. Once they are enrolled and complete the minimum amount of instruction & preparation, arrangements for the reception of these sacraments are made through that program.




Registration for Religious Education (CCD) takes place every year in August and early September. Transfers from other parishes may be accepted throughout the year at the discretion of the Director of the program.


For more information visit the Religious Education page or contact the parish office at (773) 376-3900






Adolescent & Adult Baptisms


(Youth already in High School or older and all adults)


Any youth or adult not yet baptized, confirmed or who’s not yet received his or her first communion are invited to be part of the next group preparing for this sacrament. Visit the RCIA page of this site to learn more about this program.