Dear Friends,

The parish was rather quiet this year about the annual stewardship campaign. We decided not to conduct the annual parish campaign for a number of reasons. The primary reason is the difficult economy and the financial demands on our families. In addition, we held other campaigns to raise money for Kid’s Café and the youth earlier in the year, and we currently are holding the 30-for-30 campaign, which will continue thru December, to continue to support Kid’s Café. With the October 22nd annual Parish Banquet approaching, which includes a special raffle, we felt our parish members have enough opportunity to financially support the parish in additional ways.

We are especially grateful to you for your support of the parish in these times. Your giving is not only financial, but you are giving time and talent so that others know they are a part of a gospel community, a family that cares. Your support has helped us stay away from debt, and allowed us to continue some very vital programs in the parish. We have been able to invest in the care of our buildings. With 8 buildings to care for, all of which are used daily for various services, it is critical we continue to develop a plan for the care and best use of the facilities.  We have sought out collaborative relationships to help us strategize our development. Agencies and friends like Catholic Charities and the State of Illinois assist us in providing needed social services. The Claretians are working with us to create financial stability. And many, many volunteers are accompanying others in our parish.

Thank you for your commitment, and your creativity to make sure we are a parish with a mission to serve others. Thank you for your support of the 30-for-30 campaign, the Parish Banquet, Sunday collections and for your personal commitment of time and talent. Know that the young people of our neighborhood and the children experience your care. They will always remember your hospitality and service. Perhaps that is the greatest campaign we can promote after all: an attitude to make a difference by our giving so that our Church continues to mature in its mission to serve others. God bless you!

Fr. Bruce Wellems, CMF