About the “Alcanzar” Youth Program Close to 300 neighborhood youth are involved in broad Out-of-School time programming offering 6-18 year olds extended opportunities for informal and active learning in the areas of Educational Supports, Human Development, and the Arts. Some of the events and activities are organized by staff, while others are planned and carried out by the youth themselves.

Area targeted: Our target area is the far northwest segment of Chicago Community Area #61: New City.  The area targeted is the area of Chicago bounded by 43rd Street to the north, 47th to the south, Loomis to the east, and Damen Avenue to the west.  We do, however, accept youth from neighborhoods bordering the target area, if they and their parents judge that they will be able to travel safely to and from the program.   The count of Census 2000 showed 8324 persons living in this target area, with 40.5% of the population under the age of 19.  That yields a count of some 3370 persons under the age of 19 living in our target area of 16 square blocks (28 city blocks by actual count.)  Confronted by numerous social and economic challenges each day, our children and youth exhibit tremendous resiliency, hope for the future, and a general desire to serve the needs of the community around them.