Our parish serves the needs of the neighborhood and approximately 3,000 people who attend Sunday services. The week is filled with activities which serve hundreds of people.


The parish can only operate these programs because we count on the support and help of many volunteers throughout the year. We are grateful for the sharing of time and talents, which make all the difference in the success of our programs/services. Here are some ways you can give of time and talent:




Over the years, volunteers have worked tirelessly, sharing their time/talents with the parish. Without their help, we wouldn’t have been able to provide needed services/programs for our community.

Some examples of sharing of your time and talents:

Moms serve a monthly breakfast the last Sunday of every month for the parish families after the 10:30 am mass at Holy Cross. Tamales, Sopes, Tostadas and Posole are the favorites items on the menu! They always welcome helpers and volunteers. THe funds raised support our youth program.

Catechist, tutor, fundraising committee, Quinceanera program, help with different activities throughout the year, and monthly Sunday parish breakfasts at Holy Cross Church.


We always need welders, plumbers, gardeners, landscapers, electricians, and cleaning services at various HCIHM locations.


Do you have a time/talent you would love to share? If so, please contact Maria Vazquez at mariav@hcihm.org.




You need not be a member of HCIHM to volunteer your time/talents for our community. We work with groups of people who volunteer to make a difference. In 2008, the John Buck Company sponsored a volunteer day at our Casa Romero building. This building is used for our afterschool program and our Kid’s Cafe after school meal program. We received over $20,000 in donated supplies and labor. Over 40 volunteers painted, did landscaping, installed new mini blinds in the rooms, installed new carpeting in the stairways, and helped clean up. They worked with contractors who donated their time and supplies. We are very thankful for this opportunity that enabled us to get needed work done in one of our buildings that which serve our community.


If you are interested in sponsoring a volunteer day please contact Maria Vazquez at mariav@hcihm.org.