The Dreamers and Allies Run Scholarship is coordinated and organized by the Holy
Cross/Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Immigration Committee. For nearly 9 years, we have
worked to empower, support, and protect the dignity of our undocumented brothers and sisters.
The Dreamers and Allies Run Scholarship is yet another way to empower our community.
On October 7, 2012, two undocumented students and one ally from The Back of the
Yards ran the Chicago Marathon with the goal of running for their undocumented friends and
family. The runners used this opportunity to raise much-needed funds to support the education of
undocumented youth from the Back of the Yards. The runners asked the community to sponsor
each of their 26.2 miles and the community responded overwhelmingly and generously. In light
of the great support given by the community in 2012, the Immigration Committee decided to
make this scholarship an ongoing project.
We understand and recognize that funding a college education is a struggle for many.
However, it is especially difficult for our undocumented students who have limited resources
available to them. Therefore, only undocumented students will be eligible for this scholarship.
Amounts will range from $500 to $1500 per scholarship. Besides helping to fund a portion of the
costs of a higher education, our hope is that this scholarship will continue to help our
undocumented students realize that there are opportunities for them.

Here is the link for the application.  Deadline for application  is April 21, 2017!

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