Most of you are familiar with “Casa Romero” on 46th and Honore, where we have our After-School Program and Kid’s Café.  But do you know who “Casa Romero” is named after? 


In the 1970’s there was an Archbishop, Oscar Romero, in El Salvador, who stood at the side of the poor suffering under government oppression.  Those who protested were often tortured and shot—during those years, over 75,000 Salvadorans were killed.  On March 24, 1980, Archbishop Romero was leading a misa.  He spoke to the people, urging them not to lose hope.  Minutes later, he himself was shot and killed right during the misa.   But he once said, “I do not believe in death without resurrection.  If they kill me, I will be resurrected in the Salvadoran people.”  His example helps us remember that we are not given the gift of life to serve ourselves, but to serve others!   


Hmmm…its now the third Sunday of Lent.  What can be done now to become a better person?

 STAND UP FOR THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS, just as Monseñor Romero did!

Did you know that the budget proposed by the Governor of Illinois cuts out funding for tons of social programs, AGAIN, including a grant that supports most of our Casa Romero programs, AGAIN? 

Wow — a place named after Archbishop Romero is in danger — can you imagine that?  Can you imagine our neighborhood without Casa Romero?  TAKE SOME TIME THIS WEEK to write a letter to “Governor Rauner” telling him what you think of his choice to cut programs that help children and youth.  You can drop the letter off at the parish office, for Sister Angie to include in a packet we are sending the Governor.  And pray to Monseñor Romero to watch over our neighborhood…