CUTE Girls Reflection Group is about empowering and teaching young ladies from the Back of the Yards neighborhood to be confident, unique, talented and empowered young ladies. We invite girls from ages 13 to 15 to come join us at the Holy Cross Parish located on 4541 S Wood St. We start out our group with a positive reflection of the week and discuss obstacles they encounter like bullying, pressure, and stress. It is a safe and stress free environment were girls have fun while learning and empowering each other to be strong and independent. We also do activities that help them express themselves in a positive way like poetry and art. We feel that the Back of the Yards neighborhood needs to support and empower young women to be confident that anything is possible if they believe in themselves. In the future we hope to expand our group and take field trips outside of the neighborhood so the girls can see that Chicago is a beautiful city and  it’s not just violence and poverty.