“En el nombre del cielo, os pido posada….”
“In the name of heaven, we are asking for a place to stay….” Holy Cross-Immaculate Heart of Mary begins “Posadas” – the journey of Mary and Joseph through the streets in the Back of the Yards, commemorating the walk of the couple as they sought a place where Jesus would be born. It is a story familiar to the residents in the neighborhood, as they recall the struggles of “journey.”  Each evening begins at a different location and ends in a hall in the area, where piñatas are broken and the people celebrate the discovery of a welcoming home!  This year, in particular, our people remember the recent struggles of a journey to care for youth in our after-school program, at Casa Romero, where State funding has been cut due to the financial crisis all of Illinois is suffering. Still, our parish remains committed to providing a place where children can grow and be accompanied by caring adults at Casa Romero. 
The days will also include visits to the sick, as well as accompany families in need.  The Christmas spirit of Posadas will also find some evenings with music, theater plays by the children called “Pastorelas” and great food and treats for the kids as we celebrate a time of preparation, joy, mercy and hope!
Join us any evening!
Dec 16th  Wednesday Begins at 45th & Justine streets 6 PM
Dec 17th  Thursday Begins at 4538 S. Hermitage 6 PM
Dec 18th Friday Begins at 46th & Paulina streets 6 PM
Dec 19th  Saturday Begins at 43rd & Hermitage streets 3 PM
Dec 20th  Sunday Begins at 46th & Wolcott streets 3 PM
Dec 21st  Monday Begins at 46th & Wood streets 6 PM
Dec 22nd  Tuesday Begins at 4945 S Marshfield Ave. 6 PM
Dec 23rd  Wednesday  Begins at Davis Square Park (45th & Paulina) 6 PM
Dec 24th 7 PM Thursday Family Christmas Eve Mass & Gospel play at Holy Cross Church.