Hunger Awareness Month

Sr. Joellen Tumas, PHJC, Director of Catholic Charities Casa Catalina, reminds us this is Hunger Awareness month. Read more about the parish efforts in the Pastor’s Weekly letters – September 12, 2010.

Moms serve a monthly breakfast the last Sunday of every month for the parish families after the 10:30 am mass at Holy Cross. Tamales, Sopes, Tostadas and Posole are the favorites items on the menu!




Congratulations to all the families who encourage education and service among the students!While the Scholarship awards are highlighted on Father’s Day in June every year at Holy Cross-Immaculate Heart of Mary, graduates are celebrated throughout the spring and summer as they prepare for transition to jobs and higher education opportunities. The Parish is blessed with their involvement in volunteer service as they accompany those in need.



Read about the Radio Flyer Wagons donation last fall, 2008 at Casa Catalina.