Dear friends,

I took pictures but I could not capture the spirit of the people who prepared the wonderful reception after the feast day mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The “convivencia” reception was a perfect way to conclude a day of celebration – gathered as a family after remembering the miracles of Guadalupe in our community. The moms prepared about 1,500 tamales, and served close to 1,000 people who passed through the buffet, filled with all kinds of food prepared by many families.

Just as we are grateful for all those who prepared the novena and participated in the celebration of mañanitas and the misa del pueblo on December 12th, we thank those who welcomed, invited and provided hospitality at the receptions and who worked behind the scenes to make sure a message of welcome was sent.  Whether it was providing flowers, decorating the environment, preparing food, practicing music, visiting the sick and imprisoned and reminding them they are remembered, inviting others, reflecting in prayer, participating in presentations, donating prayer cards, providing milk and bread … whatever you did, thanks! You are part of the story of Juan Diego building the Church. And thanks to our businesses who also cared for the celebration – especially Gildardo from the Pandaderia next to IHM.

As we celebrate Christmas, the light of Christ among us, we recognize the gift you are to our parish and community! God bless you this day and always! Merry Christmas!

Fr. Bruce Wellems, CMF