Dear friends,

As we enter this New Year the memories of December remain with us vividly. During the first days of January I spent time “catching up”, writing thank you’s to the many benefactors who continue to support us. Even as we finish our campaign for Kid’s Café and prepare a report, many more people have contributed to the youth programs and parish upkeep. As I write the thank you letters, I enjoy recounting to those who cannot be with us the many images of the liturgical celebrations prepared by our community of faith. The expressions of faith not only communicate our values to those present, but through the many stories and experiences, the expressions remind others of our mission. The memories are enlivening and keep us together.

During the Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe, many groups met to organize the evenings. Several groups prepared remarkable theaters to raise the awareness of others in responding in confidence with actions of care for our neighbor. This includes making our politicians know that we care so they bring much needed resources to the community, including a library and being united in one Ward. The religious education program prepared a wonderful play of depicting the trials and tribulations of Juan Diego as he responded to the vision of the Virgen.

Much like the Novena, Posadas was also organized by several groups. Hundreds of people participated each evening, accompanying Mary and Joseph in their search for an inn, and sharing a meal when they reached the parish hall. One evening featured a pastorela play prepared by the Immigration Committee. The people were delighted by the struggle of the devils with the angels as the shepherds made their way to Bethlehem, and the kids cheered when the angels overcame evil. Like the other evenings, the celebration will be a positive memory for a long time.

In these days when we begin to prepare leaders to continue the mission with which we are entrusted, the memories will be valuable to recall. We must continue the good works begun by so many people, mostly immigrants who remind us of the value of our family.

Fr. Bruce Wellems, CMF