Dear friends,

Happy Easter! May the Risen Lord Jesus be experience in your hope and care for others always!  All through Lent we considered what it would take to change our attitude, only to discover perhaps that even in our reflections and dialogue with one another during the mission we are changed already! 

Imagine the disciples arriving at the tomb only to find Jesus is no longer found in death.  Instead of staying at the tomb, the place where they buried him, they go in search of Christ. The search itself becomes their experience of hope. 

I find that same attitude in those people in our neighborhood who choose to spend their time looking for ways to help kids, watching for opportunities to reach out to those in need. They do not sit by the tomb complaining about all the things wrong with our society, or living in fear within our neighborhood. They use their energize to live with hope. They watch for the good news happening in the life of a child. One kid said the other day, “I got three A’s!” Another said, “Watch me make this basketball go thru the hoop!” Yet another said, “I want to be a policeman when I grow up!”  Our children constantly express their dreams, and it is our simple duty to live with a spirit of hope.

Imagine how the disciples gathered together in those first days of the resurrection. They mourned Jesus’ death, they gathered in fear and they were confused. And yet, when they gathered together they found strength and they were not alone. Their strength provided a vision to go out and serve.

May the Easter spirit inspire our parish in the same way, that we continue to invite, to serve and to create a way that will make justice and hope daily experiences for everyone! Happy Easter and God bless you!

Fr. Bruce Wellems, CMF