Valor is a program in which young teenagers grades 6-9 are shown ways in which they can have a healthy relationship with their partner.  This program was created in order to teach the ways you are supposed to be treated and treat someone when you are in a relationship. The youth are taught methods on how to make sure their partner and themselves know how to make each other feel good, happy, cared for, appreciated and loved. We teach them on how we are supposed to treat the person that you love. In showing them about love and respect, they are able to learn about a well sought out relationship.

In this program we teach children how to look out for the signs of abuse, whether it is physical or emotional, and the suggested steps they should take if they ever have to deal with such situation.  We also let them know how to get out of the abuse that they are going through. We inform them about hot lines and even our own web link [] where you can seek out additional help.

The message for youth in an abusive situation with a partner:  “You still have a chance to get out, take it…When you feel down and out because of the person you’re with its time to get up and get yourself to our program. Here we will not discriminate, we will not judge, we are here to listen and help. The choice is yours to stand up and be heard.”