About the “Alcanzar” Youth Program:

Some 125 neighborhood youth are involved in broad Out-of-School time programming offering 6-18 year olds extended opportunities for informal and active learning. Some of the events and activities are organized by staff, while others are planned and carried out by the youth themselves. The program offers the children and youth emotional and motivational supports for their development as they grow to take on new roles and responsibilities in the community (primarily, but not limited to, the north New City community area Chicago #61).

The program emphasizes the training of young adults and parents who show interest in accompanying and guiding the youth, through programs in the areas of study skills and homework supports, recreation, arts, and growth in life skills. We work to address the risk factors present in the community by offering activities for positive growth and development – within which the children and youth gain a positive sense of themselves and their capabilities – which take place in small, supportive community environments from which to explore the larger community – and which teach skills which can help the children and youth succeed socially and educationally. We strongly believe that if these elements begin to be offered at a young age, that their capability for future success in high school and beyond rises dramatically.

These activities are made possible through the following: – Illinois Department of Human Services – Teen REACH – Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (US Department of Housing and Urban Development)  – Chicago White Sox Charities – McMaster Carr Company –  the Society of Helpers.