Marimba Ensemble


The Marimba Ensemble has been a sign of neighborhood hope for close to 30 years. It was founded by Bruce Wellems and led by a team of youth and young adult players. The Marimba Ensemble, accompanied by the Children’s Choir, plays every Sunday at the 11:30 am mass at Holy Cross Church, 46th and Hermitage. The Ensemble has grown through the years with 7 different generations of marimba groups each filled with dedicated members that performed leadership tasks and taught the next generation how to handle such tasks.

The Ensemble’s repertoire includes a wide variety of Mexican, Caribbean, popular, and intricate classical pieces.   Weekly lessons are offered by young adult teachers and up and coming leaders in High School. The Ensemble also has bass guitar players and have separate lessons for members interested in bass guitar.   The marimba itself is a keyboard percussion instrument, similar to a xylophone, originating in southern Mexico and Central America. The large size (some over four octaves) allows up to four “marimbistas” to play together on one instrument. For youth, this is a wonderful experience of learning to work together. The music is augmented by bass guitar and other percussion instruments.     For more information, please see the Marimba drop down menu on the website’s main page